Oxygen concentrator
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Oxygen concentrator

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Oxygen apparatus (concentrator) individual
portable / portable.
1 - charger;
1 - battery, for use in outdoor conditions,
operating time 5 hours;
1 - automobile inverter, for use in a car;
1 - bag
1 - oxygen mask;
1 - humidifier;
1 - an oxygen tube of 3 meters;
1 - operation manual; 3 year warranty.
The oxygen apparatus has three power sources;
for use outdoors, in a car, at home.
Weight; 5.4 kg Delivery by postal services to all
An oxygen concentrator is an apparatus for the separation of oxygen molecules from the surrounding atmosphere, their concentration and the issuance of a stream of pure oxygen.
Used in oxygen therapy - the patient is given oxygen in a higher concentration than in atmospheric air. It is used as an alternative to compressed oxygen, as it is safer and cheaper / per liter / production.
Principle of operation. The principle of operation of the oxygen concentrator is as follows: it consists of two cylinders, room air passes through a network of zeolite balls inside the cylinders - a "molecular sieve" that traps nitrogen
molecules and passes oxygen molecules. As a result, the oxygen concentrator produces a 95% oxygen mixture.
Portable oxygen concentrators. Portable oxygen concentrators that can be placed in a car are also quite popular - they receive power from the
battery, or carry with them as a backpack bag, which gives the user complete freedom to lead an active lifestyle, they also work independently,
on average, up to 7 hours. So they began to be used in ambulances and even in airplanes, including military ones, in order to supply the pilot and crew with oxygen at high altitude, as well as transport patients. Portable oxygen concentrators mainly use a pulse-dose mode of operation. In this case,
oxygen is supplied only at the inspiratory stage, which, on average, is two times shorter than the exhalation stage. This algorithm can significantly
reduce the size of the oxygen concentrator due to a decrease in the power and size of the compressor and other units of the device. The weight of modern oxygen concentrators, which can achieve a capacity of up to 5 liters per
minute, can be less than 3 kg.
Security. Oxygen concentrators have an advantage over compressed oxygen cylinders, since in cases of leakage they do not contribute to a more rapid spread of fire and are not subject to explosion. That is why they are more often
used in the armed forces and rescue teams. Oxygen concentrators can also be used at home as adjunctive treatment for various diseases, such as COPD, pulmonary emphysema, pneumonia, or other respiratory diseases.
Patient smoking during oxygen therapy can lead to a fire in the oxygen tube.

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